ramana maharshi

Self Enquiry?

  • ​What is Self Enquiry?

#. What is meant by saying that one should enquire into one’s true nature and understand it?

Experiences such as, “I” went; “I” came; “I” was; “I” did; come naturally to everyone. From these experiences, does it not appear that the consciousness “I” is the subject of those various acts? Enquiry into the true nature of that consciousness, and remaining as oneself is the way to understand, through enquiry, one’s true nature.

  • Why Self-Enquiry?

#. Actions such as “going” and “coming” belong only to the body. And so, when one says, “I” went, “I” came, it amounts to saying that the body is “I”. But can the body be said to be the consciousness “I”. It cannot be, since it was not there before it was born, is made up of the five elements, is non-existent in the state of deep sleep, and becomes a corpse when dead? Can this body which is inert like a log of wood be said to shine as “I-I”?

Therefore the “I-consciousness” which at first rises in respect of the body is referred to variously as egoity, nescience, impurity, and individual soul. Can we remain without enquiring into this? Is it not for our redemption through enquiry that all the scriptures declare that the destruction of ego is release?


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